Back to Basics – The Benefits of Masks

Carrying on our series on ‘Back to Basics’ the one thing everyone can do to benefit their skin and feel relaxed at the same time is pop a mask on, you can leave it on while watching your favourite comedy or soap or make a proper session of it while having a great soak in the bath.

Masks are a great quick fix, and with so many to chose from they can instantly brighten, tighten or detoxify the skin but when used  a minimum of 3 times a week, masks can dramatically change the skin and treat their concerns.

If someone asked me what the secret to great looking skin is, I would definitely have to include masks on my list. Masks are easy to use and pinpoint what you are trying to achieve in 15-20 minutes. I call masks ‘quick fixes’. Whether your pores are large or you have excess oil, dehydrated, tired dull skin, flaking skin, breakouts, redness and thirsty skin, masks have you covered! You can even use different masks on different parts of your face because let’s admit it, our skin tends to have different concerns all over!  Ingredients are the key to any products used on the skin so jam packed active ingredients in our mask is a must, hyaluronic acid is always a winner ingredient because it hold 1000 times its weight in water and quenches the skin. Vitamins especially Vitamin A and C can deliver brightening results straight away. Collagen is always welcome to replace the continuous loss we have as we age. Decongesting masks and oil controlling masks will leave the skin squeaky clean and when used regular can keep breakout and blackheads under control. Tightening and firming masks are designed to tone and lift the skin with ingredients such as Liftessence. It is important to choose masks with active ingredients as they will deliver instant results and avoid ingredient that can make your problems worse. If you have very sensitive skin, I would advise using masks with chamomile, aloe vera and Vitamins B5 & B6 as these will reduce redness and calm down the skin.

So without needing a reason to pamper yourself at home with a mini facial, try include masks into your regime and embrace the benefits of clearer more radiant skin. You can find out more about our Juliette Armand Cosmeceutical masks here: