Benefits of facial massage by Clare O’Hanlon, Business Development Manager, Juliette Armand Skincare

We all know that body massage is a real treat when one needs to relax, destress and reduce tension to sore muscles, but did you know that massage of the face is as important as massaging our body and needs regular attention too? Usually as part of a facial or Indian head massage, facial massage is carried out. Massaging the face brings fresh blood to the surface which carries nutrients and increases collagen production, this may cause temporary redness to the skin but instantly invigorates it. Deep pressure can iron out wrinkle and help them appear smoother, softer and less obvious, massaging your products into your skin everyday will give you better results than just applying the cream. Just like on out back and shoulders, we also have ‘knots’ on our cheekbones and when these knots are broken down the face looks less stressed and younger.

Pressure points can be beneficial to the face when one suffers from sinuses, puffiness and allergies because the therapist uses her force to push down pressure on certain points of the face and around the eyes and then drains the toxins to the nearest lymph node that empties the toxins. Pressure points is a good massage replacement when one has acne so as not to spread the infection around the skin like traditional massage. This will also allow one to breathe better and relieve headaches or blocked nose.

Massaging the skin is one of the most anti-aging thing one can do themselves as it also helps the elastin of the skin and allows the products to penetrate deeper into the skin resulting in younger more beautiful skin. Massage can be carried out in upward strokes and deep circular movements all over the face and around the eyes especially if an active serum or moisturiser is used instead of an oil. Make sure you add this step into your everyday regime, you will be surprised how much better the skin looks!