How to treat acne between the eyebrows by Clare O’Hanlon, Business Development Manager, Juliette Armand Skincare

Acne breakouts don’t just stop after your teenage years. Many women and men experience spots on different areas of the face at different times in their lives. There are so many reasons why we get spots but generally it is from a clogged pores and a certain bacteria called Propionibacterium.  These 2 along with hormones, diet, stress and hygiene are to blame.

But what about the cluster in between your eyebrows? How come you are cursed with the big popper right in the centre of your eyes?  There may be other underlining reasons why you have acne in between your eyebrows: Late night wine and dine is one of the main reasons.  Alcohol and processed foods cause havoc on the skin and contribute to excess oil called sebum, dehydration and a grey look to the skin. This area seems to get particularly congested when one has a bad diet.  Acne between the eyebrows can also be caused from tweezing or threading, the eyebrows are prone to bacteria entering the pores.  Touching the skin will definitely not help the situation and layering concealer is just a vicious circle!

Best ways to treat acne between eyebrows: Overall good health is a must- Sleep 8-10 hours, avoid sun exposure, drink plenty of water, avoid using skincare products with excess perfume, oil and paraffin , book a facial every month and use products containing Canadian willowherb, this amazing ingredient will inhibit the action of Propionibacterium Acnes, responsible for 99% of acne cases. Avoid snacking late at night, avoid alcohol and smoking.  Also whenever you tweeze the hairs from the area, make sure to wipe over with an antiseptic lotion which insures the open hair follicle can stay clean so it cannot become a spot or blackhead.  Exfoliate the area using Salicylic Acid and Retinol products for any scarring. The Chinese believe that any skin problem between the brows indicate an overloaded liver(lets blame the heavy nights again!!).   People with pimples between the brows experience chest tightness, heart irregularity, but that is in very minor cases.  Hair fringes are also a culprit as filth and bacteria accumulation from dirty/oily hair which rubs off the skin so you might need to cut down the time between shampoos. Visit your Skincare Therapist today for the best products to use and put a stop to acne between the eyebrows!