Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month: April 2016

April’s Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month is the wonderful Helen Molloy from Sunflower Beauty Salon in Donabate.  Helen has been in the beauty industry for a number of years. (Helen, we won’t tell 😉 ) and qualified at Bronwyn Conroy collage when they were based in Grafton Street. Helen took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

What made you want to set up your own business?  I worked and gained great experience in a salon for 10 years so opening my own I had great confidence.

What’s the most important thing about working as a Therapist to you? In our work we have the opportunity transform how someone looks and feels so for me dedication and loyalty to the customer are so important. I believe when someone is paying you they should receive the best advice and treatment you can give.

What is your favourite Juliette Armand treatment to give? My favourite treatment is the Opsis Eye Therapy, wow, the effect is superb, the lift on the lid area and lines and wrinkles dramatically reduced.

What is your favourite Juliette Armand product and why?  Again the Skin Booster Antiwrinkle Eye Cream is my favourite, I really find it effective and the nozzle on the end has dramatically reduced my baggy under eye area.

Please tell me about your most rewarding or satisfying experience, your proudest moment, since you set up Sunflower Beauty Salon? My greatest satisfaction is delivering what a treatment promises, I need to believe before I sell and my Juliette Armand treatments never let me down.

You’re happiest when? I’m very blessed in life and love spending time with my wonderful son, Max; we enjoy outdoors living beside a beautiful park. I’m lucky I work at something that I love and enjoy people. I believe the simpler your life the happier it is and we all have the power within to make it as happy as possible


Thank you Helen for your time, it’s a pleasure working with you and your salon