Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month: March 2016

This March’s therapist of the month is from a brilliant new stockist of the Juliette Armand Skin Booster range, they have been busy tweeting and posting on Instagram amazing before and after photos of their customers result. Michelle Robinson, who is the manager at Aviary Beauty tells us a little bit about herself.


How long have you been a Therapist and where did you qualify?

I graduated in 2002 from Crumlin College, so a LONNNG time before spray tanning & Shellac

How long has Aviary Beauty been open? 10 beautiful years & so proud!! 

As a manager as well as a Therapist what do you find the most rewarding part of your job? Building client relationships & seeing results

What do you find the most difficult? STAFF!! Finding the right ones!!

What’s the most important thing about working as a Therapist to you? Honesty & professionalism are essential

What is your favourite Juliette Armand treatment to give? Love the Chronos treatment & the results it delivers

Which Juliette Armand treatment do you wish that you would receive and why? Thavma to leave skin smooth, soft & revived

What separates your Salon from others? I never worry what other salons are doing I focus 110% on my own salon

What is your favorite Juliette Armand product and why? Eye Brightening Gel, instant results!

What is the best comment that you have heard a customer exclaim after a Juliette Armand treatment? OHH MY GOD I have cheekbones!!


Thank you for taking the time to answers these questions Michelle,

You can follow Aviary Beauty’s picture on Instagram at aviarybeautyandhair