Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month: May 2015

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of the inaugural Therapist of the Month Award for Abi Baronetti. Abi has been a beauty therapist for 4 years and has been working at The Buff Day Spa for 2 years now. We asked Abi a few questions about being a therapist and the Juliette Armand skincare range and here is what she had to say:

What do you enjoy most about being a spa therapist?

I love being a spa therapist for many reasons. The part that fulfils me the most is helping clients make changes to their skin. Our skin makes a big impact on our confidence and being able to help someone improve their skin and therefore, their confidence, is the most rewarding feeling.

What’s the most important thing about working as a spa therapist to you? 

The most important thing would be to make sure you are delivering the correct treatment to meet your client’s needs.

What is your favourite Juliette Armand treatment to give?

Chronos Therapy is my favourite so far.

The results are unreal and the treatment is so relaxing for the client at the same time. It includes a 4 dimensional approach to treating biological aging which visibly improves the skin from the first treatment.

Which Juliette Armand treatment do you wish you would receive and why?

I would love to receive the vitamin C Therapy. Its so brightening and hydrating and helps fade pigmentation which is one of my concerns from growing up is South Africa.

What separates your spa from others?

I am so proud to be part of The Buff Day Spa team. We take our treatments to the next level by not only treating our client’s concerns in the treatment room but also educating them on how they can reach their skin’s potential and help them to become happier in their own skin. I have learned more in The Buff Day Spa than anywhere else and thats because education and training is offered on an ongoing basis so we are continuously improving our knowledge.

What is your favourite Juliette Armand product and why? 

I am really love the Hyaluronic Acid Serum right now. My skin drinks it up so easily and it instantly hydrates any skin type. My skin gets very dehydrated and tight but since i started using this serum I haven’t felt tightness at all.

What is the best comment that you have heard a customer exclaim after a Juliette Armand treatment? 

After a Chronos Therapy my client took a look in the mirror and said that she had never seen her skin look so good after any other facial she had had.


If anyone would like to have an appointment with Abi please contact the Buff Day Spa on 01 6774624 (mention this post for 10% off Juliette Armand treatments and products). To view their treatment list go to http://www.thebuffdayspa.com/juliette-armand-facials/