Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month: October 2015



October’s Juliette Armand Therapist of the Month is Suzanne Masterson, who has opened a lovely boutique Salon Freya Beauty in Naas, Co Kildare that exclusively stock the Juliette Armand and Skin Boosters products.  Suzanne qualified at Sharon Leavy College of Hair and Beauty in Portloise.


What made you want to set up your own business?


First I love a challenge; to me running a successful business would be a huge achievement. I also love to work I can never turn off so why not put all that effort into a business instead of a hubby.


What has been the hardest thing about opening a new salon?


Everywhere you go town, villages and cities they all have different clients different needs trying to pinpoint the needs of where you are is hard. 


What is the best thing about having your own place?


Been able to print your own style technique on treatments.


What do you enjoy most about being a Therapist?


How we can change how a client can feel.  Allowing the client to talk to you with a relaxing treatment and visible results at the end will make anyone very happy.


What’s the most important thing about working as a Therapist to you?


That you enjoy what you do. If I didn’t love what I do I couldn’t do it.


What is your favourite Juliette Armand treatment to give?


I love giving the Thavma miracle facial, purely to the fact I nor has my clients ever been disappointed with the results.


Which Juliette Armand treatment do you wish that you would receive and why?


I love to get the Thavma ‘Miracle’ Facial you see results straight away, you don’t need much more of a reason than that.


What separates you from other Beauty salons from others? 


I only use high end products, Time and patients is given to every client.


What do you think makes Juliette Armand Skincare range stand out from other skincare ranges?

It doesn’t just promise results it gives it.


What is your favourite Juliette Armand product and why?


There is so many for different reasons that I love, but for me because I suffer with very bad dark circles around my eyes it has to be.

Opsis Therapy Eye Brightening Gel. 10 minutes and you see this massive difference.


What is the best comment that you have heard a customer exclaim after a Juliette Armand treatment?

A client had the Thavma ‘Miracle’ Facial, she was so happy with how her skin looked, how she felt the lines on her forehead and between her eyebrows had reduced, she returned 2 days later for her second facial she explained how the changes were after giving her so much confidence.


What would you say to anyone thinking about using this range?


Don’t just look at Juliette Armand look at others as I did but you will see the same as me that none of the other ranges can tick as many boxes as this range.

Also Marsha and her team as their support (giving guidance) has helped me so much.


Thank you Suzanne for those kind words, we are delighted to be working with you.