Make up verses Skin care

Would you dare to go makeup free? Besides the point that makeup enhances your face, opens your eyes and gives you irresistible lips sometimes we need to ask ourselves are we hiding certain skin concerns. That spot, those scars or freckles can be easily hidden away by foundation and concealers and I have to give them credit because they do a great job at covering them. Make up is widely being used for masking skin in hope the skin concerns will disappear but without cosmeceutical skin care it just will not happen. Glowing, clear skin starts with decent skincare and dedication. The guide lines to skincare use to be cleanse, tone and moisturise, but I believe the 3 most important steps should be exfoliate, moisturise and SPF! Of course we need to cleanse our skin with a cleanser twice daily to remove excess oil, dirt, SPF and makeup. If we do not cleanse our skin we will have built up and the skin won’t look its best and remember for every night you don’t remove your makeup your skin ages by 3 days!!  Exfoliating the skin is important to remove dead skin cells, help with underneath congestions which looks like tiny bumps under the skin. If you are a dedicated foundation wearer you may have notices these tiny bumps form or worse, spots and blemishes. This is because some foundations are cosmogenic (clog pores) or too thick to allow any breathing room for your skin. Chemical exfoliation is known for brightening the skin, reducing the brown colouring of pigmentation and freckles and smoothing out lines on the face. Sounds amazing right? Chemical exfoliation or peels  are available at beauty salons, spas and clinics as these are professional treatments. You should be using a safe, low percentage acid at home to consistently be resurfacing your skin. (scrubs for the over 30s just doesn’t cut it anymore) Moisturising the skin is most beneficial because it hydrates the skin but we want our moisturisers to do more than that and that’s where cosmeceutical ingredients come into play. If you have oily congested skin you need an oil free primer under your foundation as this helps to prevent further breakouts and excess shine so the need to constantly be applying powder on your oily nose isn’t the bane of your life! If you have sagging skin you will need firming ingredients and collagen to get the bounce back in your skin. If you have age spots or pigmentation you will need Vitamin C and Vitamin A ingredients to whiten the skin.

SPF protects our skin from the harmful, ageing sun rays and don’t be fooled by the Irish weather, just because you cannot see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not there! Have a look at your make up and see does it contain UV filters, usually the UV filter is only UVB (ultra violet burning) but we need UVA (ultra violet ageing) filters on our skin so more than likely your makeup is not protecting your skin from ageing and pigmentation.

Once you have followed these skincare steps you should notice improvements in your skin and the need to layer foundation on the biggest organ (skin) should decrease and let the inner glow shine through. Healthy clear skin needs time to breathe and also needs specific ingredients to nurture our skin.

We only have one skin… start taking care of it!