Male Skin Care by Clare O’Hanlon, Business Development Manager, Juliette Armand Skincare

What skin care treatments are particularly popular with men?

Facials are the most popular skincare treatment with men, as men’s’ skin is naturally oily, blackheads and pimples are prone and facials consist of extractions and pore refining masks. Men are becoming more and more aware of facial machines and microdermabrasion with some therapist recommendations, men are very good at following advice.

Are there specific ingredients or products which are more suitable to male skin?

Men will benefit from an exfoliating cleanser because their skin is thicker than women’s, as men’s skin is naturally oily, oil free moisturisers give a nice light weight feel to the skin and prevents shine. Men like products that can be used in the shower and the gym.

What makes male skin different from female skin? 

Men’s skin contains more collagen meaning they age slower than women. Their skin is also thicker so they can use all types of exfoliations including daily scrubs where some women tend to be dry/sensitive. Men also may shave their face regularly and suffer from ingrown hairs to sensitised and irritated skin.