Superfoods in Skincare

Superfoods are becoming increasingly popular in food as more people are conscious of their health and longevity of their lives and as our internal body needs an array of nutrients and vitamins to perform at an optimal level, so does our skin. Applying superfoods to our skin will aid in penetration of nutrients and this in turn will help with repairing the skin and prevent further damage.

There are many ingredients that would be classified as ‘superfoods’ and with different benefits to our skin. Aloe Vera which is a natural cocktail of Vitamin C & E, enzymes and amino acids can be found in Juliette Armand’s Hydra cleansing milk, Micellar water & leave on exfoliator ‘6% AHA’. Aloe Vera is also known for soothing properties and used successfully in calming sunburn and over 200 other beneficial substances. It moisturizes and helps reduce skin irritations and inflammations. It contributes to the restructuring of skin cells and to the healing process of skin injuries.

Our Foaming face cleanser contains SEAWEED which is an Algae that contains numerous trace elements and amino acids, mannitol, b- carotene, iodine and potassium. Seaweed offers superior hydration as well as anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cacoa Peeling cream contains CACOA EXFOLIATOR which is a mild exfoliator that contains theobromine, this invigorates and revitalizes the skin and removes dead skin. Cocoa is rich in minerals and is anti-inflammatory & anti-allergenic.

Hyaluronic Filler is an oil based serum that contains AVOCADO OIL which is rich in phytosterols. It increases skin hydration by 19% and skin elasticity by 6.5% and reduces irritation indexes due to UVB radiation by 47%. It is rich in vitamins A and E. Other products containing Avocado oil include Caviar Mask which is packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to plump out the skin. Thavma Lift Anti-wrinkle cream is our Anti-botox moisturizer designed to prevent superficial lines turning to wrinkles.

Our popular leave on over-night Vitality Cream mask contains SPIRULINA which contains amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, pro-vitamin A, B6, B12, iron, zinc as well as AVOCADO OIL.

Chlorophyll mask perfect for oily skin types also contains CHLOROPHYLL which is an anti-oxidant that protects the skin from UV rays.

Nourishing Night Cream contains CALENDULA this plant that is anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-aging and anti-oxidant actions.

Skin Boosters Opsis Eye brightening gel’s main ingredient is a biotechnological product derived from stem cells of the Arnica Montana plant which is known for its properties against edemas and for the rapid healing of hematomas . Used as an ingredient for fading dark circles in the delicate eye area with spectacular results. ALMOND OIL: Oil from almonds with hydrating and emollient properties (smoothing action) for the skin. It is considered a perfect active ingredient carrier, while leaving no sense of oiliness, perfect for the eye area.

Chronos 45+ Wrinkle correct cream contains DHEA which is Antiaging-longevity, steroid hormone called mother steroid because it can be converted into testosterone and estrogen. Pill of youth, slows down the process of aging and influences positively the metabolism. Body’s ability to produce DHEA declines with age with a peak at 25 years. In 90 levels are 5% of that in the peak. Plays significant role in physical and mental aging. Asians and Japanese use it as supplement. Increase and repair of protein tissues.