Being Plum Beauty Blogger Juliette Armand Facial Review


I was lucky enough to have been treated to two Juliette Armand facials by Poise Brands recently – one facial was an anti-ageing treatment, and the other was a custom facial to cater for my skin’s current needs.

I hadn’t heard much about the Juliette Armand brand before my first facial, so I was keen to experience the products and see the results. Khadeeja Khan, the owner of Beauty Indulgence Spa, made sure I was comfy and warm – really living up to the spa’s tagline of “You deserve to be pampered” – before she began my first facial.

Skin Boosters Thavma Therapy Facial (anti-ageing)

The tagline of the Skin Boosters range reads: “Thanks to Skin Boosters Anti-Surgery System, your appointment with plastic surgery is postponed!”. Well that certainly had me intrigued!………


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