I was recently treated to a Juliette Armand Phyto Peel at The Urban Spa

Juliette Armand is a skincare brand that I have become more and more fond of with every product that I try. I used the last drop of my Vitamins Complex Serum last night and I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their serums.

Juliette Armand Pretty Please CharlieI was invited to experience a Juliette Armand facial treatment which included a Phyto Peel, and being obsessed with facial peels, I was not going to let an offer like that slip through my fingers.

What I find extremely interesting about this brand and the therapies, is that your treatment is based on your skin’s mood.

On the day of my treatment, I could only describe my skin as being ‘angry’. My skin was going through a sensitive phase (what’s new?) and I was suffering from dry and scaly patches, combined with my usually oily T-zone. That’s why I say, angry.

The therapist (who I might add is the Juliette Armand Product Educator) was amazing and I felt truly pampered. Pampered whilst having a face peel you ask? Yes. This was the most relaxing facial peel I have ever experienced. No stinging or irritation at all. It felt more like a facial scrub than anything else.

The Juliette Armand Phyto Peel is a professional powder mask from the Elements range.

Juliette Armand Elements range Pretty Please Charlie

It specifically targets sebum and oiliness, but it is also suited for normal and dry skin as it regenerates and rejuvenates.

‘Its 20% content of the dried plants Spongilla, Fragilis and Ephydatia combined with kaolin deeply cleanses the skin, regulate oiliness and stimulate the skin’s natural repair process.’

My skin felt soft and smooth after the treatment and I am happy to report that there was absolutely no downtime. I should have planned a date night as my skin was glowing. I highly recommend this peel and I can assure you that even the most sensitive skin would love and appreciate this treatment.



Thank you to Juliette Armand and The Urban Spa for the treat.


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