Julie-Ellen – BOTOX without Needles review


Skin Boosters Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Cream0

Skin Boosters Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Cream 0

Skin Boosters Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Cream 0

It’s no secret that I am well past the first bloom of youth. I do not hide my age. I am proud of it, of who I am and what I have achieved. I have spent my life living every moment to the max and have loved every moment of it.

Recently though, as I look in the mirror, I can see that the fine lines I developed in my mid thirties have started to get deeper, and my skin is less firm than it was. As a beauty blogger, I spend a lot of time applying makeup and it is important to me that my skin is in the best possible condition, as it is the canvas for the cosmetics I use.  As a result, I have started to think about more radical solutions like Botox, as I have had great results with lip fillers in the past (read my post about that here).

Luckily though, just as I was starting to research Botox, I was contacted and asked if I would like to review a new skincare product by Juliette Armand. I have to admit this wasn’t a brand I had heard of, so I did a quick google search and was super chuffed to read that the Juliette Armand brand produce a unique skin care range called Skin Boosters which offer five products said to deliver results equivalent to those normally associated with cosmetic surgery.

The product I was sent was the Lift Anti Wrinkle Cream from the Thavmia Miracle Therapy range which claims to erase wrinkles by using a technology called EFFECTOX to inhibit the facial movement which cause them – Botox without needles – sounds PERFECT!!! 

I have been using the product night and morning every day for almost a month and am finally ready to share my thoughts with you.


I really like the look and feel of the packaging. Orange is one of my favourite colours (I wrote a whole post about orange lipsticks here) and I love the almost rubberised finish. I do worry that a pot of face cream will harbour shedloads of bacteria so a little spatula might have been a nice touch – but its fine, I use a cotton bud.


I absolutely love the fresh orange scent of this cream, when I apply it, I find myself breathing it in deeply for an almost aromatherapy type lift in my mood – simply put it wakes me up and makes me feel happy.


I was really surprised by the texture of this product. Most anti-ageing creams are quite thick and greasy on the skin but not this one. The texture of this is really light and a pleasure to apply. I want to say it absorbs easily, because it certainly doesn’t sit heavy on the skin but it is so incredibly hydrating and nourishing that I could still feel it hours after I had applied it.


So the bit you’ve all been waiting for, did it work? Did it erase all signs of ageing? Do I look 21 again? Well no!

But – and this is important – my skin looks better than it has for years. Seriously, in the last week or two, I have had more compliments about my skin than I have for years. My super glam 21 year old daughter, without knowing I had changed my routine, has said several times this week that my makeup looked beautiful and I actually went to work one day this week with no foundation on – and no-one asked if I was okay!!!  That is a result in my book!

I have never had Botox so it is hard for me to compare these results with the results that Botox offers but if it is younger, fresher looking skin without needles that you are looking for then I highly recommend you give this product a try.

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