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I was invited into The Buff Day Spa just off Grafton Street to try the latest skincare range to hit these shores called Juliette Armand which offers “Miracles” in Cosmetology.  They say you don’t have to resort to botox to restore your skins firmness!

The skincare range is based on innovative ingredients and technology that offers targeted skin solutions for all skin types and can treat a wide variety of skin problems and concerns.

What’s more, all Juliette Armand product ranges do not contain chemical nasties.  They are all Parabens free, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, silicon free and allergen free ensuring that you and your skin are in the best possible care.

I headed in earlier than my appointment to make the most of the time there and enjoy some relaxation, I was straight into the robe and slippers and tea in hand into their Tranquility Room for 15 minutes before Abi my therapist came to meet me and take to the VIP treatment rooms no less!  This is something I would highly recommend before and after the facial is to leave a little (or alot!) of time to enjoy the tranquility room and make the most of your visit.

Juliette Armand’s point of difference lies in their belief that your skin has a mood which changes and therefore your prescription must be personalized on all levels. This coupled with their belief that skincare is not a luxury and have made it an affordable exceptional quality skincare.



Abi got started as soon as I was settled and did a skin analysis to determine which products best suited my skin type.  She choose the Element Facial and it was divine.  The Elements Everyday facial is a skin treat that will eradicate dead skin cells, infuse the skin with hydration and ensure a rejuvenated and smooth complexion.


Firstly she did the cleanse using the Sensitive Cleansing Gel which protects skin from environmental irritants. From there onto toning my skin she used a Hydra Cleansing Lotion to obviously hydrate and balance skin before exfoliating with their Exfoliating Enzyme Mask packed full of pure goodness with papaya and pumpkin enzymes to eat away dead skin cells.

A serum was then applied on the skin as a Hyaluronic Filler to hydrate deeper into the skin before massaging their Hydrating Therapy Mask which obviously hydrates and calms the skin.  Another serum was applied this time it was their Vitamin C Serum to help brightenthe skin as well as calm it and an excellent anti-aging product.

This was followed up by their Vitamin C Latex Mask which is fab, as it sets on the skin like a latex mask before Abi peeled it away.  This is excellent for hydration and brightening the skin too.

After Abi peeled away the mask she applied another serum, their Hyaluronic Acid Serum this time to hydrate superficially with a Caviar Eye Cream to increase collagen and elastin production for anti-wrinkle effect (not that I would have any wrinkles!).  After the serum and eye cream, Abi then applied a Hydra Action Cream which she informed me intensely hydrates and nourishes.

Between each of the different product applications I was treated to the Buff Day Spa facial experience of hot towels to remove product … this is a gorgeous added extra with the facial.  I may just have spoiled the surprise for any of your ladies thinking of heading in to try this new brand but something I thought I should mention as it completely makes the facial more WOW!

A bit about the brand

In 1992, Juliette Armand was established and worked to research highly effective new formulas in the cosmetic industry. In 1996 they became the pioneers in using hyaluronic acid, the now buzz word in 21st Cosmetology. In 2004 the Skin BOOSTERS Anti-surgery system was developed, using the innovative EFFECTOX ™ technology to minimize expression lines by inhibiting cellular contraction. In 2013 this system was renewed and strengthened and became available to the rest of the world. Boost Beauty Solutions gain exclusive rights to distribute this product in the Republic of Ireland in February 2015.

Marsha Abrahams, CIMA, discovered the Juliette Armand skincare and Skin BOOSTERS anti-surgery system after a business trip to Italy in March 2014.  Having tried the treatment in Italy, she purchased a kit and did a full course of the treatment.  The results spoke for themselves and Marsha who has been living in Ireland for 12 years, with a young family and running a successful business for that time gave in her notice to go ahead and become the distributor of this line.

For more information you can contact Marsha / Juliette Armand Ireland click HERE and The BUff Day Spa by clicking HERE

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