No need for the plastic surgeon with Juliette Armand and Opsis Therapy …

A product landed on my desk recently, one of which I had never heard? Being a skin care therapist I try and stay on top of trends , new products and of course all the fabulous new innovation out there … yet I have to aquiesce that there are just too many fabulous brands available these days.

I have had quite a run of cosmeceuticals over my desk of late and I am certainly not complaining.

So on to the good stuff…

JULIETTE ARMAND is a skin Care brand originating out of Greece , what really tickled me is that the owners philosophy is based on skin care to suit your mood and season in life, as opposed to ‘skin types’ as done by many other brands.
I love that the ‘buzz line’ for The OPSIS THERAPY SKIN BOOSTERS line is …
This range by JULLIETTE ARMAND is also known as ‘ANTI – SURGERY SYSTEM


So here what I thought …
Packaging – 
As you can see the packaging is absolutely amazing , it is like opening up a treasure chest … a box within a sleeve and inside the product which looks like a syringe … yes you get the play “plastic surgery/ injection / botox” and all that.
Now if you think that is awesome … the syringe locks to allow for ease of use , travel and you see that little white tip it’s a secret weapon. It is a soft rubber massage applicator … yes, you use the tip of your syringe to massage in the product … fabulous!

Fragrance – 
Its a soft smell I can’t quite categorise but it is lovely.

Texture – 
Is a serum like gel , that spreads far , so a little goes a long way. It only stays fluid for a short time before it penetreates and leaves the skin hydrated and tacky.

Efficacy – 
We are working on a small focus area when it comes to the eye area but I am amazed, I have been using this product for going on 5 weeks now and it still astounds me how different my eye area looks straight after applying the product.
It lifts my upper eye lid skin and the wrinkles at the side of my eye all but disappear. I wish I could show you the difference.
I am super impressed with this product as a whole and yes, I would swim in it if I could (especially as the big forty looms …shhhhh).

** I will try and do a follow up post with a before and after, I am just waiting for the right light as at the moment I leave in the dark and get home in the dark #winterblues

Product claims and features :

  • The answer to plastic surgery with high-tech cosmetics
  • Active ingredients that define future Cosmetology
  • A stamp of responsible safety: parabens free, propylene glycol free, mineral oil free, allergen free and dermatalogically tested
  • Complete individual therapies with strict Treatment Protocols
  • Extremely precise therapy system, assuring highly efficient results.

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