Pink and Purple Dots Blogger – Juliette Armand Mask Reviews

Hi guys ! Happy Wednesday !
So today I will be reviewing 2 great Juliette Armand masks that is PERFECT to get you back into the work mood.

First off – The Exfo Line Mask :
This mask boosts the skin’s natural defence system and helps the skin regain it’s natural balance , smoothness & texture. This is a GREAT anti-ageing mask , as well as a great gentle exfoliating mask after a peel. The mask goes on pink with little black beads, and dries clear (with the little beads still visible.) I have been using this mask for over a month now, and I find it perfect when your skin feels a little dry / dull and needs a boost.

Mud Heilmoor Mask :
This is a GREAT firming mud mask – it contains special mud from  Reichenau – Austria with healing properties, It contains amino acids that helps alleviates irritation and restores the skin’s lost vigour. This is a great mask for firming, especially if your skin needs a boost before a big event .

The mask goes on dark like any mud mask, and dries like a normal mud mask, but removal is SUPER easy .

Both these masks are FANTASTIC, my favourite being the Exfo Line Mask, it works super quickly.. So perfect for a weekly treat
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