Offers hydration, antiaging, glow, reconstruction, regeneration and soothing, as well as enhancement of skin's health.   The package includes: Eye Shine Serum 10ml Retinoid C Serum 10ml Sirtuin Hyaluronic Serum 10ml Vitamin B Complex Serum 10ml Bioplacenta Serum 10ml


It helps balance skin’s oiliness and remove excess sebum, while offering a soothing sense, hydration and antibacterial action. Recommended for acne-prone and oily skin. The package includes:   Clarifying Face Foam 50ml Clarifying Active Lotion 50ml Clarifying Active Mask 20ml Hydra Clarifying Serum 10ml Clarifying Active Cream 30ml Free pouch.


Cleansing, exfoliating and refreshing face gel for all skin types. It effectively removes dirt and skin's dead cells without causing irritation and simultaneously prevents the appearance of first wrinkles, leaving the skin soft and smooth.