Full Light Protection

The Sunfilm product line has been designed to offer a broad spectrum of maximum sun protection from the full range of sun rays: UVA, UVB, infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV). We started by protecting the skin from UVB radiation and continued with UVA. Today, we have created formulas to offer protection from infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV), rays that are known for penetrating even deeper into skin causing long-term damage. Our labs have developed products of Full Light Protection forming a shield against the full spectrum of sun rays.

Sun Damage Prevention Technology

Sunfilm products combine the necessary with the revolutionary: sunscreen protection with an antioxidant shield and healing action. They prevent irritation and enhance the natural process of skin renewal, protecting the skin from sun damage. The sunscreen products Sunfilm contain powerful and specialised antioxidants, which, unlike common antioxidants, can function effectively during their exposure to sun.

Innovative ingredients

EUK 134: an innovative ingredient with a unique self-regenerating mechanism for antioxidant activity lasting during skin exposure to the sun.

Venuceane, Helioguard: ingredients that enhance the natural skin process for sun protection.

INCA Omega Oil, Vitamin E, Broccoli extract: ingredients with a strong antioxidant action.

Elastomer (Pharmaceutical silicone) with healing actionSun protection and antioxidant activity are combined with the healing action of a pharmaceutical silicone offering a silky texture.