Mixture of azelaic (17%) and mandelic (17%) acid for mild chemical exfoliation, suitable for all skin types, all year round.

For professionals only

Cocktail of 5 active ingredients (Tranexamic acid, 4-Hexylresorcinol, Ferulic acid, Phytic acid, Azelaic acid) for mild chemical exfoliation and improvement of uneven skin tone.

For professionals only
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Face leave-on mask with caviar reinforced with fatty acids Omega 3-6-9, vitamins E, F, C and glycolic acid for mature, tired and dull skin.

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"Leave on" mask made of collagen microfibers in anhydrous form (powder) for firmness and volume replenishment.

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Offers hydration, antiaging, glow, reconstruction, regeneration and soothing, as well as enhancement of skin's health.   The package includes: Eye Shine Serum 10ml Retinoid C Serum 10ml Sirtuin Hyaluronic Serum 10ml Vitamin B Complex Serum 10ml Bioplacenta Serum 10ml


Cocktail of 4 acids (Succinic acid, Pyruvic acid, Azelaic acid, Salicylic acid) for chemical exfoliation and improvement of skin condition, for acne-prone and oily skin.

For professionals only

It helps balance skin’s oiliness and remove excess sebum, while offering a soothing sense, hydration and antibacterial action. Recommended for acne-prone and oily skin. The package includes:   Clarifying Face Foam 50ml Clarifying Active Lotion 50ml Clarifying Active Mask 20ml Hydra Clarifying Serum 10ml Clarifying Active Cream 30ml Free pouch.

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Cleansing face milk for normal, dry and sensitive skin.

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Toning, cleansing face lotion for normal, dry, mixed and sensitive skin.

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Foaming face cleanser with oil microspheres (micelles) for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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Face lotion with AHA that reduces the acidity (pH) of the skin and enhances the efficacy of the cosmetic products. For all skin types.

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Foaming face cleanser for all skin types.

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